Power of Videos
The Best Marketing Tool For Your Business

Power of Videos As an ambitious brand, if you wish to stay ahead of your marketing game, incorpating video into your content strategy is a must. With the advent of mobile phones and 24/7 access to internet, watching videos is becoming the most preferred form of getting information.

Increased conversion rate with videos

Studies have found out that people prefer to watch demo and explainer videos about the product rather than reading lengthy instructions. When the viewers get a closer look at the product and see the process of how to use it, their chances of buying the product increases multifold.

Better social media presence with videos

Your videos are more likely to be shared across various social media platforms. You Tube is also one of the most used search engines so when you upload your videos on You Tube, your brand becomes more visible to the world.
Videos are also watched excessively on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. In fact videos get more forwarded through WhatsApp and in no time , they can go viral.

Strong connection with the audience

Making videos or going LIVE becomes all the more important if you are a coach, influencer or selling an educational course. When people see you in person, they develop more trust and are more likely to use your service.

Dynamic and reusable content

Making videos turns out to be a more cost effective marketing option as they can later be edited to make a shorter version or turned into a gif or a reel.

Better ad recall and CTR

People tend to remember the visuals so that automatically increases ad-recall of a video. Also the CTR
(Click-Through-Rates)of video ads is the highest and that directly helps in increasing your return on
investment (ROI).

Google plays favourites with videos

The power of Google is unparalleled. During SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a website with a video has more chances to appear first over a website with no videos.
Convinced to include videos as a part of your marketing strategy, Connect with us today. Right from
conception to their use in digital marketing, we will help your brand boost with the power of videos.