podcast advertising
Podcast Advertising

Podcast Advertising is the new buzzword in marketing circles and judging by the current data it is one of the most highly effective advertising tools too. What exactly is Podcast Advertising? Details and scope of the medium Podcast advertising consists of inserting programmed audio clips into regular audio content like music, or news or entertainment […]

Jingles – An Effective Way for Rural Marketing
An Effective Way for Rural Marketing – Jingles

The Real India lives in villages. With rising demand and growth from the rural sector, corporates want to penetrate and grab market share in Rural India. 75 % of India resides in the villages, so the actual growth for the companies starts in villages.  Thus, companies move to villages and plan rural marketing strategies to […]

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

The debate about the effectiveness of digital marketing and traditional marketing is never-ending.Because both are important in their own ways, there is no need for a single winner in the digital marketing vs. traditional marketing battle. It is observed that digital marketing has been getting over traditional marketing and one of the mainreasons behind it, […]

brand strategy for marketing promotions
Benefits of multilingual marketing

Brand Strategy For Marketing Promotions brand strategy for marketing promotions, If you are willing to explore multilingual marketing, you are likely to reap many benefits from it. In a nation of over a billion people with hundreds of languages and dialects, no specific language has the capacity to bring everyone together. Brands have begun engaging […]

Full-service marketing agency
Benefits of a full-service marketing agency

Full-Service Marketing Agency full-service marketing agency, With the growing phases of a mainstream company, it is challenging to manage both – your work plus the promotion of your services. For effective advertising that can maximize the connection with the target audience, an innovative approach is needed. Thus many companies, rather than going it alone, partner […]