“Life is too ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence, to value presence.”

Vocal for Local, Our honorable Prime Minister–Shri Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on Independence Day
amidst the pandemic, lead our country to a self-realisation. Our investment in Global brands grew so much so that–when it was time to condemn Chinese products, it had already surrounded us.
The absence of ‘Made in India,’ came out as an obvious truth, so our honourable PM raised the alarm with the campaign–Vocal for Local and we embarked upon a journey to promote and possess ‘Swadeshi goods.’ But how is it set to change the face of the Indian Business Industry?

For brands around the world, we as locals acted as influencers; used it and promoted it to our satisfaction. We need similar instinct to elevate the standard of our ‘Made in India’ products. To bring back the long lost ‘Kaveri amma ki malai barfi’ to the forefront. That being said, it will open doors for both small and medium-scale businesses to grow from ground zero. This way the Indian local brands will gain momentum and our country can foresee a future of being the largest exporter of goods.

How we as an ad agency come into the picture?

Vocal for Local

Vocal for Local–it’s one thing to understand the term and another to promote. Saying ‘we are made in India,’ isn’t enough. There are certain factors that need consideration:
Customer Demographics: Understanding where you are TG comes from is the first step to devising a strategy. Knowing if they are a majority of rural or urban or a balance of both allows you enough scope to decide on the language or means of communication to ensure a better connection with your brand.

Customize according to preference: Once you have your TG laid out, you can work your brand around their preferences, communicate your strategy with the ongoing trend thinking on your feet and shape your marketing messages accordingly.

Aesthetics: This one is a language in itself, because your brand’s aesthetics speak to your TG from afar. While language plays a key role, a perfect fit aesthetic makes it a win-win.
Full-proof communication plan: This is where you take the last shot. Here, you curate a well-thought of communication that’s airtight and has a foreseeable longstanding future. And who’d be better at taking care of all these factors, if not us!