Aditya Chatterjee

Vice President - Content Marketing
at Adfactors PR at Adfactors PR

I have known Greysell for more than two years now, and have always found both the entities as "consistently inspiring".
Take for example, Greysell's WhatsApp messages celebrating/commemorating special days. All of these posts, without fail, are not only well thought-through but also witty and creative. Kudos to Team Greysell.

Sumit Verma

Prime Mover at
Sprout and Shout Marketing

Greysell has extraordinary energy when it comes to quality and timely deliverables. I experienced the same during Repsol Launch in India. I wish them and a great success. Highly recommend Greysell.

Surendra Gupta

Founder - AuraKomms &

I take great pleasure in writing to acknowledge the excellent experience we had while working with Team Greysell. The high levels of professionalism, expertise and attention to detail reflected through the dynamic team.
This company clearly knows how to get the job done...exceeding all expectations every step of the way. Hats off to the team at Greysell for their enthusiasm and passion during the events ensuring it was successfully done. I highly recommend Greysell.

Rajesh Patalia

Marketing Strategist, Leader, Mentor
& Dreamer. FMCG, Telecom & Media
industry specialist

I had the pleasure of interacting with and retaining Greysell Advertising as our creative agency at both ZHSPL and Global Bazaar. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the work done by them for our varous brands. Their key strength lies in quick turn around times, without compromising on essence of output required. Overall, an extremely reliable partner!

R Ramesh

Independent Consultant

It was a treat to work with Greysell. They were absolutely new to lubricant segment but within a short span of time came out with creative work for launch of Repsol in India and which made them recieve accolades from all corners. This was mainly due to sheer hardwork burning midnight oil and sticking to timelines. Team spirit and determination to succeed makes Greysell standout in a tough competitive market. Kudos to the entire team and strongly recommend lube companies to utilise their resources on events.

Cyril Menezes

Head Debit & Prepaid Cards
at Commercial Bank

I worked closely with Greysell. The team came to pitch to me about his agency and we decided to give it a shot simply looking at his enthusiasm and sincerity. It was one of the best decisions we took as Greysell churned out some of the most creative blow the line advertising content for us. I would definitely recommend Greysell to anyone looking for great advertising content and quick turnaround times.

Sudip Ray

Senior Product Manager -
Digital Banking at Axis Bank

Greysell are great at handling client needs and expectations. Their assistance to our team during various projects has always been a great asset, be it coming with innovative marketing ideas or with the really impressive work by their creative team. I would highly recommend Greysell for digital marketing and brand campaigns.

Dr. Tarun Agarwal, PhD

Banking & Financial Services

Team Greysell is awesome! Greysell in few words would be impossible for anybody. They are a bunch of young enthusiasts having experience of all shades of business, who I have seen as most creative, experts in their own space and deliver as they were a part of you/your organisation. You'll have to have an opportunity of working with THE TEAM to taste what is THE BEST in the industry. My best wishes are always with Greysell.

Nanette D'sa

Brand Expansion Advisory
Independent Director Zee Learn,
MT Educare, kamats Vidli Rest.
Strategic Advisor Garodia Edu.

Greysell Team delivered innovative work in the creative area and contributed significantly to strategy. Their team was totally immersed in our brand.
The involvement of the team was outstanding and their ownership of our Brand was no different from our own employees.

Allan Rodrigues

Community Designer at
greenlight for girls

It is about honesty and willingness Greysell brings to his work. The team's transparency is what makes you trust them, especially in a highly competitive work environment like ours. And then finally, when it comes down to the work the team produces- it's superlative and result oriented. I've partnered with them on various projects and initiatives and each time was a unique experience. Here's wishing them a great time ahead!

Abhishek Narkar

Value Propositions Lead at
First Principles Laboratory

In the 2 years I have known and worked with Greysell and team, I have experienced them deliver impressive outcome for us. The entire team consists of excellent bunch of professionals, who deliver exceptional results. The working experience so far has been quite overwhelming and I am impressed by their dedication and commitment to the quality work they all put in. Almost all the campaign's we've worked together have resulted in achievement of the desired output, in terms of revenues and I wish them all the best and I very much look orward to continue with the association.

Sanjay Pai

Pre-Sales | Customer Success
Customer Experience- CRM & Data

I must say Greysell team have always been extremely enthusiastic, determined and passionate about whatever project that they have undertaken. Greysell has an outstanding capability of turning around things in short time through their dedication and commitment towards quality and timeline. Added to their professional qualities and their genial nature and positive outlook as the team. I wish them all the very best in all their future ventures

Tushar Panchal

PollComm Strategist. Specialist in
creating and shaping conversations
that help win elections.

The Greysell has bunch of excellent professionals, who deliver exceptional results. I have had privilege to work with the team and I am impressed by the dedication and commitment to the quality of the work the team does. I wish them all the best for everything.

Sandesh Walkar

Head CRS & DP- Information and
Technology Group at Axis Bank

I know Greysell for a very long time from my 3Infotech days. Greysell is one among the few that I know off, to be highly motivated and dedicated team in the advertising/strategy field. Greysell is very dedicated social team. I highly recommend Greysell for all the current and future ventures. Team is highly creative and dedicated to work. Team delivers as per the commitment each and every time. Highly dependable. I recommend Greysell to everyone who's reading this.

Debmalyo Banerjee

AVP Head Marketing,
Cognitive Business Operations, TCS.

Greysell is synonymous for me. Greysell being the backbone and mind behind the agency. I had pleasure of working with them from 2008. What stood out for me is Greysell enthusiasm to go extra mile both in looking at the world from the clients perspective and making the extra effort to make things happen for the client/ business. Greysell have worked on delivering good strategic inputs and creative designs for Intellect Global Services and now for Wipro Technologies. I wish them all the best as they continue to grow.

Ashok Nageshwar

Chef/ Marketer/
Story Teller/ Culinary Consultant/
Food Raconteur

Greysell's team is hard working and extremely good on deliverables and has a wonderful business acumen. They have shown sincere commitment and have been actively involved in designing below the line marketing material and corporate identity for vvf. They have shown consistent outstanding work in all their assignments. I wish them all the success and best of luck for all their future ventures. They are persistent, personable, dedicated and dependable service provider. Best Wishes.

Partha Ghosh

Chief Operating Officer at
Percept Media

Have been associated with Greysell since the inception of PlatinumOne. started our relationship from designing the brand identity, the Logo for PlatinumOne. And after that it's been a nice journey so far. The team is very friendly and never feels that they are vendors. Unlike other people from the creative field who comes with halo behind their head, Greysell comes with truly sales attitude and really mean customer is the king. Very transparent and reliable team to associate on a long term.

Ratul Lahiri

Passionate StartUp Entrepreneur,
Co-Founder of PlatinumOne,
Angel Investor with an interest in
B2C space.

Have been associated with Greysell since the inception of PlatinumOne. started our relationship from designing the brand identity, the Logo for PlatinumOne. And after that it's been a nice journey so far. The team is very friendly and never feels that they are vendors. Unlike other people from the creative field who comes with halo behind their head, Greysell comes with truly sales attitude and really mean customer is the king. Very transparent and reliable team to associate on a long term.

Devesh Uba

Human Centered Product &
Marketing Strategist.

Greysell have been a partner for the brand. In these times when advertising agencies are being reduced to mere deign shops, Greysell is a big relief.
The team is extremely good at client handling, meeting deadlines and ensuring creative work on brand.

Manisha Deshpande

Strategic Marketing Leader-
Central Park, Real Estate, FMCG,
Engineering, Entertainment,

Proactive approach and committed to delivery.

Jai Natarajan

ML Roadie

Greysell designed our international brochure for the education business. I cant say we were perfect client but despite multiple changes in brief and a long drawn out engagement, they remained focused and accommodated the change in direction which were given. Greysell work is somewhat more creative than the run-of-the-mill design shop, especially when Greysell brings intelligence and persistence to the table. I certainly hope more opportunities to partner with them in more open creative endeavor.

Sujit J.

SaaS CMO| Building and Scaling
Effective Marketing Organizations
@B2B Companies since 2000.

Greysell is one of those professional team who builds reputations on their ability to deliver consistently and effectively. They have managed to build a team that believes and practices the thought "Customer is God" They also have skill sets that deliver inline with the client's expectations- "on time, every time".