The Real India lives in villages. With rising demand and growth from the rural sector, corporates want to penetrate and grab market share in Rural India. 75 % of India resides in the villages, so the actual growth for the companies starts in villages. 

Thus, companies move to villages and plan rural marketing strategies to tap the rural market which has immense potential to grow.

Consumer behaviour in Rural Markets

The consumer behaviour in the rural market is quite different from that of urban consumers.
The factors that define a rural consumer are:

  • Literacy rate
  • Purchasing Power Capacity
  • Consumption Pattern
  • Media Accessibility
  • Culture and Traditions
  • Physical Infrastructure
Rural Marketing Strategies

Product Strategy: The product should be a need-based entity for the rural consumer.
Pricing Strategy: The rural consumer is price-sensitive. The pricing strategy should be affordable to rural consumers.
Place Strategy: Companies should know where and how people buy products in villages.
Promotion Strategy: Conventional media is the best route to communicate with the rural population.

The 4 As of Rural Marketing

To capture the rural market companies, follow the 4As of Rural Marketing:
Affordability: The incomes in rural villages are lower than in urban cities. Here the consumer prefers pocket-friendly budget products and services.
Availability: Companies need to ensure their products are always available in the far-flung areas of villages every time.
Acceptability: The products should add value to the customer’s needs and user–friendly.
Awareness: The promotion of the products and services for rural consumers should be such that they can understand and act.

Marketing Revolution in Rural India

Over the years, Rural Marketing has gone through a sea of change.
Banking and technology services have given a thrust to marketing activities in villages. Internet and mobile penetration have helped marketers to reach rural consumers with ease. 
The aspirations of younger generations are different from the previous generation. The boundary between urban and rural consumers is dwindling very fast.
Today a rural buyer is price-conscious that demands quality and durability in the products and services.

Jingle – A powerful tool in marketing

You may have heard the famous jingles of Humara Bajaj and Amul. These jingle tunes and lyrics are still fresh in the minds of consumers. 
A jingle is a radio or TV advertising slogan to create a memorable melody. They are catchy and easy to remember. Shorter, repetitive, and rhyming are easy for brand recall.
It has the power to connect with consumers and explain the benefits of the products and services with simplicity. 
An effective promotional medium to target consumers on various media platforms.

Rural consumers and jingles

The rural consumer has easy access to the internet. He can enjoy media through mobile, radio, and TV. Agriculture is the main occupation in villages. The farmers prefer to relax in the field after work by listening to songs and the news.
Jingle is one of the marketing promotion strategies in Rural Marketing.
It has the power to connect with rural consumers.

Catchy tunes for Rural Marketing success

The jingles should have a piece of good music, meaningful lyrics, and a catchy tune. The lyrics should flow smoothly and explain the solution to the consumer’s pain point.
They are effective in the local language to connect with the rural consumers.
BFSI, FMCG, and Agriculture sectors use jingles to promote their services and products in the rural market.

Reasons Jingles Work

Jingles are an important branding element for rural marketing.  Created with a unique signature tune it helps consumers to identify your brand.
They are easy to remember. Catchy tunes get rural audiences hooked to the lyrics and tunes. A perfect way for consumers to connect with the brand.
Effective in the local language, jingles are persuasive communication to the rural audience
Audio builds emotional connection and communicates the message about brand products and services.
Jingles are persuasive communication to the rural audience.

Greysell has also created memorable jingles for prestigious brands like HPCL and Fino.

Jingle for HP Gas Suraksha Sanchetna

We created the jingle to address the importance of HP gas in rural villages. The jingle was created in Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. It helped to connect with villagers in different states of India and create awareness about HP Gas with HP Gas Suraksha Sanchetna.

Jingle for Fino 

To create financial awareness in the rural market, we created Radio Jingle for Fino.  This helped to educate the rural consumer about its various financial services in an interesting way. With Fino, villagers can brighten their future with ease. 


Jingle is a popular and effective way to create awareness for brands in rural marketing. Making a catchy jingle with the local language assists in brand recall.
If your brand needs to create jingles and capture the rural, we are there to help you. We provide the best services with our super creative and media promotion capabilities.
Get in touch with us, and let us rebuild your brand with an innovative and creative approach.