Podcast Advertising is the new buzzword in marketing circles and judging by the current data it is one of the most highly effective advertising tools too.

What exactly is Podcast Advertising?

Details and scope of the medium

Podcast advertising consists of inserting programmed audio clips into regular audio content like music, or news or entertainment programs that the user is either listening to on a live stream or has downloaded. Since listening is a largely passive activity which can be engaged in while doing one’s routine chores like cooking or driving to work , an increasing number of people are now choosing to use this time to catch up on their favorite music or entertainment programs or current affairs. So much so that it has become a part of their regular routine.

Audio Books –An extension of Podcast Advertising

Entertains and helps gain knowledge

In fact the market for audio books which converts popular and even lesser known works of fiction into an audio content is growing day by day as people’s attention span and concentration and resultant ability to read decreases. This factor largely explains why more and more people are using audio as a means to brush up on their professional knowledge too.

Podcast Advertising- An opportunity for Advertisers

If you ask the question to a brand expert, Is Podcast Advertising attractive to Advertisers, he would answer in affirmative.

Brands and marketing professionals can cleverly tap into this vast pool of captive audience to introduce their brand and reinforce the messages that need to be broadcast. Creating the right content for your brand is relatively easy but to choose the right vehicle to drive home the message is becoming increasingly difficult and costly too. Print and TV advertising is getting more and more expensive and ads on websites etc. have quite low conversion rates as people have a choice to turn the ad banner off . Therefore there is a need to find a medium which has a very high engagement rate with the audience and low probability of the ads being ignored or turned off is low and this is where Podcast Advertising steps in. No wonder because of these advantages of Podcast Advertising, more brands are making it as part of their marketing strategy.

The biggest disadvantage of Podcast Advertising is to find the right audience. Creating the audience and that too the one we wish to target, is the biggest challenge. Also there are other issues like accessibility of the internet and less control over created content as it is more susceptible to copying.

How does Podcast Advertising work?

Make it work for your brand

  • Podcast audiences have an identifiable demographic, e.g. sports lovers, music lovers, current affairs, professional learning , social and charitable causes , weather change and so on and so forth.
  • This data can be carefully analysed and selected to insert your advertising content for maximum effect.
  • You can either insert the content into live streams or even into content which has to be downloaded by subscribers.
  • Podcasts broadcast by various celebrities have their own following and these can be used as effective mediums too.
  • They already have an extremely high level of engagement and trust with the audience and can drive sales if properly utilized.
  • Your advertising content can be placed either at the beginning, the middle or the end of the roll of the podcast.
How much does Podcast Advertising cost?

Gain more with less investment

The slots in the middle are usually most expensive but the conversion factor tends to be the highest. Depending on the cost and your budgets this can be the most effective advertising vehicle. Certain hosts are also amenable to endorsing brands themselves in the middle of their podcasts and this option can also be explored.

The most important factor in using this medium is research and analysis.

  • If you know exactly what is the audience you are targeting and what content appeals to this set your task is rendered much easier –
  • Age, gender, location, choice of programming and content, any particular host preferred, all this data can be gleaned from the platform owners as they request for the entire information from their users.
  • You can then devise the placement strategy, frequency, and most important the means of conversion i.e. putting in a link which allows the audience to purchase the product if he so wishes.
  • You can also append a link which allows the user to access if he wishes to go in for the purchase option.
  • If possible this can be used for data collection too to further fine tune your marketing strategy.
Podcast Advertising in India

The present and the future

  • Podcast advertising has already taken off in the West but we in India are at the cusp of the revolution.
  • As our life and daily routine becomes increasingly mechanized and stressful, more people are likely to opt for audio rather than visual modes of entertainment.
  • This form of information allows them to multitask as too much concentration and focus is not required.
  • The increasing popularity of audio books is a testimony to this fact because book lovers have traditionally been quite conservative.
  • You can even develop your own programming or blogs and create your own platform. This ensures you reach the right audience, that your message is not ignored , that you are in control of the message content at all times and as a result your brand is safe , and also you can easily access data.
  • This way you can easily track and measure performance and success.
Podcast Advertising-The future of Advertising

The next big thing

Podcast Advertising is going to be the game changer for advertising going forward. If you would like to test the waters, we at Greysell the top digital advertising agency in Mumbai are here to help you. We have more than 2 decades of experience in advertising and a comprehensive understanding of consumer mindset and behaviour. We also have a dedicated team of tech savvy and creative professionals at our digital arm Catapult Advertising who can help you with designing your strategy as well as content. We can undertake the required research and analysis of various platforms available, but can also suggest the best ones suitable for you based on your target audience and requirements. The solutions can be customized as per the budgets you are comfortable allocating for a foray into this marketing space.

Podcast marketing is going to boom in India like no other medium and will be a major advertising channel in only the next couple of years. If you would like to jump on the bandwagon early on and need a hand do contact us at Greysell, one of the best advertising agencies in Mumbai at the below coordinates. 

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