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In a world where the attention span of consumers has been reduced to only 8 seconds, it’s very important to grab their attention. Packaging is an important element of brand strategy that helps you to increase your brand recall and sales.

Shields Your Product

The basic function of packaging is to protect the product from external elements. Right packaging helps a safe product journey from the factory to the consumer. Therefore, product packaging must be strong and reliable.

The packaging of products depends upon every product category. There is strong packaging for white goods whereas FMCG has unique packaging.

Benefits of Packaging

Product Packaging when done right helps your brand to shine.
The benefits of aesthetic and strong packaging style are: 

  • Protect Your Products
    The primary function of packaging is to protect your product from external elements.
  • Stands Out from the clutter of products
    Product packaging creates a strong visual identity for brand recall and recognition. It creates a first impression on consumers.
  • Brand Identity
    Packaging is one of the first points of contact with the customer. People connect with brands that have similar values.
  • Provide Information
    Product packaging communicates the product’s features and benefits to the consumers.

Product Packaging influences consumer behavior

Packaging can be theater, it can create a story

– Steve Jobs

Packaging plays a very important psychological role in consumer decision-making. 

An aesthetically designed packaging can strike an emotional chord with the customer that will attract him to the product. 

The key packaging element that influences consumer behavior are:

  • Colour
  • Brand name 
  • Labeling
  • Print finish
  • Shape
  • Sustainability

Trends in Product Packaging

With time people’s preferences and choices change. The pandemic has also put more emphasis on healthy and safe packaging. The major trends in packaging are as follows:

Sustainable packaging
Gen-Z and the millennial generation are more concerned about the environment. They are aware of their consumption pattern that might affect the ecology. They lead a minimalistic lifestyle with less carbon footprint impact on the environment.
Brands that listen to these target audiences have adapted to the green packaging. Reuse and recycling have taken prominence in product packaging.
Zero plastic usage is a key factor for the brands to attract an environment-conscious audience.

Minimalist Packaging
The new-age audience wants a clutter-free and sensible minimal packaging for its product. They don’t want the brands to use excessive usage of resources for products more than needed.

Smart Packaging
Technological innovations like QR codes, Augmented Reality, or chip technology on packaging help customers track their product journey.

These new innovations enhance how packaging design communicates with consumers.

Product packaging in Rural Markets

Rural marketing is the sector that is more vibrant and active in the FMCG market. As per the consumption and usage habits, the product packaging style is different in the rural market. 

The key features of Product Packaging in Rural Markets are:

  • Small Units – Rural people make purchases in small lots to meet their day-to-day requirements. So small sachets are workable for them.
    So, these FMCG companies sell their products like biscuits, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. in low unit packages in small sachets.
  • Refill Packs – The concept of refill packs of toothpowder, tea, talcum powder, and other FMCGs are common in the rural markets. These refill packs help to save costs for rural consumers.
  • Storage of products – Since electric supply is erratic in rural markets, companies provide smart low-cost solutions to the retailers
    For e.g.: Companies provide iceboxes made of thick thermocol to store ice cream and cold drinks.

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We aspire to be your partners in success and project your business onto a growth trajectory. 

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