Moment Marketing- A quick turnaround of marketing gigs

Moment Marketing- A quick turnaround of marketing gigs

December 7th, 2020
'Seize the day-' a leader's most overused quote and a marketer’s most revered thought. Why? Because a single moment in a day can make a big difference in an individual's or a brand's life.

One such life-changing moment in our marketing language is called–Moment Marketing; something that many brands in today's date keep experimenting with, to reach their target audience in a quirky way.
If we are to go by the literal definition, then Moment Marketing is a marketing gig where thinking on your feet you create relevant brand message in line with the trend on a real time basis.

For an instance, recently, the mind-boggling series Mirzapur, for its season 2 gained such momentum that brands couldn't help but leverage it in their favour and created viral content that spread all over the internet. Many brands like Durex, Dunzo, Oral-B, Nilkamal, etc., jumped at the opportunity.
Were we to let it slip through our hands? Hell no! We were on same Mirzapur Express with every other brand; here's our take on it: Link

Kaleen bhaiyya would nod at the perfection! Wouldn't he?

That's that. But, isn't it just amazing how products and thoughts that don’t look eye to eye, build a connection? We marvel at the fact how #MomentMarketing makes million perspectives come to life in the most complex of the situations; must say, God's creation–our brain, is wired to think the unthinkable beyond imagination.

So, we Curated the content. Attracted eyeballs. What's the End benefit?
Why do we use Moment Marketing to create such a buzz?

Currently, the average attention span of humans is 8 seconds. Enough to create a brand recall, if we use every micro second of it, wisely. That's how the big daddy of moment marketing–Amul plays, chipping-in at the perfect time. Therefore, presenting your customers interesting current affairs combined with a brand message, not only captures their attention but also encourages conversations.
Their reactions and comments on your post increases engagement and firms your position in the TG's minds.

Knowing how trusting, fun, and cool you as a brand are, what do you think people do next?
You are damn right; they share your content; you go viral. The more they share, the more you reach the wider audience. That means? New leads, without shelling out extra penny. This makes it the most cost-effective marketing tool; that's saying more returns for less.

Remember, MOMENT MARKETING is a big winner, if driven on-point, on-time.
Rest, you know, whom to turn to for it.